The trail of tears

My legs were frozen like icicles, my stomach was empty and I was dying of thirst. I asked my Ma to carry me, but she was too weak to continue on. I would always cry and shed tears, but in the long run my Ma said it was going to be alright.


“We were so helpless that we were arrested and dragged from our homes and driven at the bayonet point into the stockades. And in the chill of drizzling rain on and October morning we were loaded like cattle or sheep into 645 wagons and started toward the west… On the morning of November 17 we encountered a terrific sleet and snow storm with freezing temperatures and from that day until we reached the end of the 26, 1839 our sufferings were awful. The trail of the exiles was a trail of death. We had to sleep in the wagons and on the ground without fire and we’ve known as many as 22 of us to die in one night of pneumonia due to ill treatment, cold and exposure.”

Do you define a person by their actions or intentions, why?

For my first time hearing this question I thought actions would define a person, but after discussing this with my class I changed my mind. I think intensions define a person. Intentions are thoughts and things that come to your mind. For example, if a student has A’s in all their classes but one, a C in math.. their parents know they have been trying their best to bring their grade up because they have been getting extra help and working on their homework for hours to figure out each problem. The parents know their child is trying so they arent to concerned. This would be considered an intention becuase he is trying his best but he still has a C.

In this post I read,, the publisher of the newspaper said that the picture on the front page was inapropriate for those that work in schools. So the publisher decided not to send it to the staff of some schools, even though the schools payed for their own papers. Most of the teachers were very upset because they didnt get their newspapers. The publisher had good intentions for not giving the schools their papers for the day. He put the kids first for their saftey and decided not to disturb them. Plus the faculty and staff can read the newspapers at home and/or online. Even though they payed for it, the publisher was concerned on what the kids would hear, think or see.

10 things I want to do before I die.

1. Travel the world.- my family goes on vacation a lot, it would be nice to see other parts of the world though.

2. Witness a miracle.

3. Sky dive.-I’ve always thought it would be a great experience.

4. Go to Hawaii.- Parents talk about it all the time, it seems like a dream.

5. Bungee jump.

6. Be in 2 places at once.

7. Help someone accomplish their dreams.

8. Live in New Hampshire.- my favorite state.

9. Go to at least one Superbowl.- I love watching football.

10.  Go rock climbing in New Hampshire. – My family does everything else in New Hampshire but rock climbing I’d like to try it someday.


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7 Things you don’t know about me.

This is & things you don’t know about me and I was tagged by Kristen.

1.  I hate the dark.

2. I assume I can trust people when I really can’t.

3. My birthday is my favorite holiday

4.  My hair is a monster and i hate it.

5. I’ve always wanted to play football.

6. I could care less what people think of me. 

7. My sister and my mom are my best friends.


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Socail Studies class.

I think social studies class can be described in many ways, like Julya said its like a roller coaster, I personally think its like a road. Social studies class reminds me of a road because you never know when Mr. Bogush is going to throw a twist in or a bump in the road. It is never a predictable class because you might not know if there is going to be a turn coming up or and sudden stop. We always have surprises that you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes you just follow the road to where it ends, in class you just go searching around to see if things work and if they don’t you must have taken the wrong turn on the road. When you hit the speed bump on the road its like you don’t know what you should do next.

My wonderful place.

My wonderful place would be New Hampshire. New Hampshire is a very enjoyable and active state, there is always something to do there. In the summer time it is a great place to go boating, fishing, rock climbing, or even just to hang around some lakes and go swimming. In the winter time, there are great mountains to go skiing and snow boarding and when the lakes freeze you can go ice skating. I usually take a couple trips to New Hampshire a year. Once in the winter and twice in the summer, and I go with my immediate family but we also meet up with some friends or invite them to come for a couple of days (like the McNally family), and we always have a crazy and fun time.

One wish.

My wish for someone would be my mom. My mom has a bad neck which effects her arms and makes them very swollen, so she can barley move them. Sometimes she could barley move her neck side to side. She is in pain everyday and she doesnt deserve it. My mom is a caring person and she wants the best for me and my brother and sister. All of my friends and sister’s friends love my mom, you can talk to her about anything and our house is welcomed to anyone. My sister’s friends just walk right in the door without knocking or anything and the first thing they say ” HEY Mrs. S!”. My mom has had the opportunity to get surgery on her neck, but then she wont beable to move or do anything for 3 months. She has put this off for about a year now, my wish for her is to beable to get her all better without hurting her anymore. She’s been in pain for all her life, this would be a great thing for her. I love her and I would do anything for her to get better.

A change.

If I had to change something about myself before I could change the world, I wouldn’t know what to say. After thinking about this for a long time, I came to an answer. First I would change my hiar, because I absolutley hate it, it’s big and curly, it’s like a fro, that’s why I put it up everyday. Secondly I would change myself by being more open, especially in school. During school I am very shy and quiet, but out of school it’s BA-BAM, I’m a new person. I hide my craziness in school with all my classmates and teachers, I just save it for home. I dont know why I’m so different in school and out I guess I’m just scared what people would think of the real me. If you ask my close friends, they will tell you how crazy and wild Kristen and I are out of school, you would never believe it, us quiet girls know how to have fun.(:

My Speech

Today is the day of new beginings. It’s our time to show our strength and commitment to our country. Aslong as we work together like a family we can become a safe and secure community. It’s our turn to shine and show everyone how powerful we really are. There will be no more feeling unsafe or discomfort in the place we call home. The challenges we face today are not only serious they are real. But we are America and we have met these challenges for a reason, to overcome them and stop these disaesters. We must wake up and open our eyes and begin recreating America. We must work hard, be honest, have courage and keep faith in order to have better realationships with others and to suceed as one. This world has changed and will keep changing and we must change with it.

Thank you.